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Tanker Trailers


We are able to utilise any one of our licensed categories to build you a tanker type transporter to cover the many requirements of the industrial market. We can build you a suitable trailer to carry Water, Petrol, Diesel, Parraffin, Avgas in fact any Liquid that you need to carry and deliver.

We use suitable Polyurethane Tanks, our own manufacture Mild Steel Tanks and Stainless Steel Tanks.

Sizes cover the ranges 500 Litres, 1000 Litres, 1500 Litres, 2000 Litres and 2500 Litres.

High quality accessories are used to cover Electric and Hand Pumps, Flow Meters, Water Separators, Hoses and Nozzles where necessary.

Options such as Fire Extinguishers and Spare wheels are also fitted when required. All required hazardous signs and labels are fitted.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016