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Custom Trailers

Here is an example of a custom built trailer built for a game lodge for the resident VET to use to transport darted animals from the veld to his on site surgery.

The rubber mat is attached to the framework making up the trailer floor. The framework has roller bearings located on the sides that enable it to slide forward on the trailer. The rear loading ramps help the mat onto the trailer as it is pulled by the electric winch.

A large heavy animal such as a Buffalo can be darted in the veld and then rolled onto the rubber mat which is lying on the ground. The animal now on the mat is then pulled onto the trailer by the suitably installed electric winch.

This trailer uses our Category 5 which is a 3.5 ton trailer able to carry a load of approximately 3 tons.

This SPECIAL design is being successfully used on this game lodge and is part of CRUISER Trailers commitment to satisfying the customers requirements.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016