Cruiser Trailers manufacturing tough trailers since forever

Animal Transport Trailers

Cruiser Trailers popular range of cattle / livestock Trailers come in 3 lengths – 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 metres by 1850 width and 1800 height.

Cruiser Cattle and Livestock trailers boast a robust well balanced and constructed design with 100 x 50 mm upright supports on the flagship model and 50 x 50 mm upright supports on the Standard model.

Cruiser design uses 32 mm tubing for side railings and unlike other manufacturers our railings are not only welded to the side of the uprights but our unique design ensures that the railings pass through the uprights thus giving the frame additional strength and rigidity and no possibility of breaking loose.

The flagship model has a unique rear gate configuration where the entire rear can drop down or half drops down as a rear ramp and the second half is a sliding gate.

The standard model has either 2 drop down rear ramps or 1 drop down ramp and 1 swing gate enabling ease of load.

All models have an anti slip grid type floor mat that ensures the animals will not slip and slide on the trailer.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016